An introduction to this cruelty-free blog…

Welcome to anyone with an interest in animal rights and an cruelty-free lifestyle. Whether you be a fellow vegan, vegetarian, or anyone who hopes to see a world where animals are treated humanely. On this blog I plan to write about things YOU can do to take steps towards a lifestyle free of the unnecessary pain of animals. This may come in many forms such as:

– great vegan cosmetics and make-up that we all should own

– cruelty-free clothes wishlists

– updates on events that we can all go to in order to support animal’s rights (links to some great petitions too)

– maybe some vegan and vegetarian recipes and snack ideas

– news on key issues that concern us all.

There is so much that I can post on this blog because the community of people that understand the need for ethical treatment of animals is ever-growing and things are developing constantly. If you want to draw my attention to something important that is happening that you think that I should write about, please do so as I want to blog about everything and anything that will gain awareness to this amazing cause.


My name is Persephone (that’s pronounced ‘Pur-seff-oh-nee’ not ‘Percy-phone’ by the way) and I am a seventeen year old sixth form student in England. I have been a vegetarian since the age of about four when I finally made the connection between chicken on my plate and a chicken that lives on a farm. About three months ago I decided to speed up the inevitable and go completely vegan and I am extremely happy about this decision so far. By writing this blog I do not wish to push veganism upon anyone, I just want to reach out to like-minded people and discuss key issues and make cruelty-free living that little bit easier for everyone.


So, there is my introduction to my blog. I’m still not totally sure why I felt that this was necessary but I thought it would be nicer to properly say hello before jumping straight into my content.

Feel free to follow this blog if you’d like to and you can also send me links to your own blog if you post about a similar thing and I’d love to have a read because animals are so important to me.

Thank you,

Persephone x



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